Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas

15 April 2019
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When you want to really splurge on a gift for a special woman in your life, such as your mom or wife, consider treating her to a piece of diamond jewelry. Whether the piece is made of silver or gold or features one diamond or several, it's sure to be a present she'll never forget. 

The gift of diamonds is ideal for a wide range of special events and occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and any holiday. Precious gemstone jewelry is a thoughtful way to commemorate a milestone event in a loved one's life, as they'll be able to treasure it for years and even pass it down to their children. 

If you're on a tight budget but still want to treat your mom or wife to real diamonds, go with smaller stones, such as stud earrings. You can also look for other budget-friendly options, such as 14-karat gold instead of 24-karat gold. Sterling silver is a durable and beautiful alternative to gold and is easier on the pocketbook. You can also find another person, such as a sibling, to go in on the gift with you to split the cost.

Following are a few diamond jewelry gift ideas to consider:


If the woman has an April birthday, surprise her with a diamond, which is her birthstone. Keep it simple with a pair of diamond stud earrings set in white, rose, or yellow gold, or go with a classic diamond pendant to wear on either a gold or silver chain. 

As another idea, choose a diamond tennis bracelet, which features square-cut diamonds around the circumference. As a more wallet-friendly option, treat her to diamond bracelet charm in a shape, such as a heart or a star, that expresses your relationship. 


Diamonds are the traditional gift for 60th wedding anniversaries, so treat your wife to a special piece to express your ongoing love and devotion. Some ideas include a diamond infinity-style necklace pendant and earring set, a ring featuring diamonds along with her other favorite gemstones, or a bangle bracelet encrusted with diamonds.


You can't go wrong with the gift of jewelry to celebrate any holiday. You can either keep it simple with a plain diamond piece or get festive with other colored gemstones. For instance, a pair of earrings featuring diamonds, emeralds, and rubies will make a perfect Christmas gift. 

As an Easter present, go with a flower-shaped necklace pendant accented with diamonds and pastel-hued stones such as rose quartz, aquamarine, and yellow citrine.