3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Wedding Bands

22 August 2019
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A wedding ring is a big investment. Not only does it symbolize the bond you and your spouse are creating, but it will also be a piece of jewelry you will hopefully wear forever. Therefore, making sure you choose the right wedding bands is important. With this guide, you will learn a few common mistakes people make when selecting wedding bands.

Opting for Trendy Designs

Today, there are many different wedding ring styles on the market. While you may like their look now, trendy designs may not be appealing or stylish to you in the future.

Classic designs, such as solid gold or platinum bands or bands with a few diamonds, seem to always be in style. By choosing one of the more classic or traditional design styles, you will most likely love the ring for many years to come. This ensures that the bands are a worthwhile investment for you and your spouse.

Of course, it is important tot note that if you and your spouse really do love a specific trend, it is perfectly acceptable to purchase and wear it. Many couples will upgrade their rings to a different style in the future if they prefer something different.

Matching the Bands Perfectly

In the past, most couples purchased matching wedding bands. For example, the husband and wife may both wear a solid gold band with the same thickness. Considering you and your spouse may have different styles or needs, you do not necessarily have to match your wedding bands perfectly.

Many men love the soft feel and simple design of tungsten wedding bands, for example, but women may want a bit more details and sparkles, so choosing a band with diamonds and scrollwork may be preferred.

There is no rule that says wedding bands have to match. As long as you and your spouse are both content with the bands, your choices will be great ones.

Forgetting About Comfort

The look of your wedding bands is not the only factor to consider – you also need to choose bands that are comfortable to wear.

Wider rings may be more difficult and uncomfortable to wear, which can pinch the skin of your fingers if you work with your hands a lot. Also, bands with raised gemstone settings can be problematic if you work around machinery and other equipment, so a simple band may be a better option for comfort.

Choosing wedding bands for you and your spouse does not have to be stressful. This guide will ensure you avoid a few common mistakes. Contact a wedding ring store or jeweler, like Andrew Kramar, for more help.