Five Things You Should Do Before Giving Her Your Grandma's Engagement Ring

16 June 2015
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If you are lucky enough to have possession of your grandma's engagement ring and are thinking of passing it on to your girlfriend when you propose, it's important to slow down and weigh this decision carefully. While giving your girlfriend your grandma's ring is a good way to pass something valuable onto the next generation, it's not always the right choice for your relationship with your girlfriend or with the rest of your family members.

Before you get down on one knee and offer her the antique ring, make sure you complete these steps to ensure that you're going about it in the right way.

Get the ring appraised.

Surely, the ring has a lot of sentimental value,and it means something to you no matter how much money it's worth. Still, it's nice to know whether you're giving your girlfriend a $200 ring or one that's worth thousands. Having the ring appraised is also important for insurance reasons. You'll want to insure the ring, either with separate jewelry insurance or through your homeowner's insurance company, and they'll need to know the value of the ring to give you a policy that covers it in case of theft or damage.

It's essential to have the ring appraised before you give it to your girlfriend, so she does not have to take it off once you present it. It's up to you whether or not you tell your girlfriend how much the ring is worth. If you want to remain focused more on the sentimental value of the ring, it may be best to just keep this information private, unless she asks.

Make sure the other male members of your family are okay with it.

Do you have brothers who may also want to give this ring to their future fiancees? Going behind their back and using the ring without their blessing will strain your relationship, and it will also place strain on the relationships between your new fiancee and your brothers. Discuss your desire for the ring with your brothers before you present it to her. Try to come to some compromise. For instance, maybe you could give your brother some money towards his engagement ring in exchange for the use of grandma's ring.

Subtly gain some insight into her jewelry tastes to make sure she'll love the ring.

The ring likely means a lot to you because it was your grandma's, but it's important that your girlfriend also finds it meaningful and beautiful, since she'll be wearing it daily. Try to get an idea of her tastes, so you can determine whether or not the ring is her style. You can do this by browsing jewelry stores or jewelry websites together and having her point out things she likes. If she looks at rings similar to your grandma's, then you can count on her loving it. On the other hand, if she turns up her nose to that style of ring, you might be better off letting one of your brothers or cousins use the ring.

Ask a jeweler about your options when it comes to resetting the stone.

If you're set on using your grandma's ring, but you don't think your girlfriend will enjoy its style, visit a jeweler to see if they can incorporate the stone of your grandma's ring into a new setting. This way, you'll have your grandma's memory preserved in a way that makes your fiancee feel beautiful.

You don't have to have the ring reset before giving it to her; just find out what your options are. When you do present her with the ring, let her know what her options are as far as having the stone reset if she does not like it the way it is. Make sure she knows you won't be offended if she chooses to have the ring reset.

Giving your grandma's ring to your girlfriend when you propose is a meaningful gesture, and it's one you should take time to plan. Ensure your other family members are on board with your decision, and learn about the ring's value and resetting options before your proposal day.

For more information, contact a local jewelry shop that provides jewelry appraisals and customized setting options.