A Return to Simpler Times: Devices That Don't Need a Phone or Data Plan to Work

22 October 2018
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Everyone talks about simpler times. Many families have tried to scale back on digital devices taking up all of their time. Yet, two kinds of devices, in particular, are easily replaceable with simpler devices. If you are serious about returning to simpler times and reducing the number of digital devices hogging up your time, opt for one or more of the following. 

Skip the Smart Watch, Trade It for a Luxury Timepiece Watch

How much did you pay for a smart watch? If you are like most people who bought into this fad, you probably paid about five hundred dollars. For that much, you could have bought a nice, quiet, luxury wristwatch or timepiece watch. Imagine always knowing the time without the annoyance of digital messages, alert beeps, and time-killing apps. Just the steady, rhythmic "tick, tick, tick" of the inner workings of your watch is all you may hear. A lot of people find this soft ticking sound very soothing, and knowing that your watch will never sound an alarm for anything unless you set it to do so is also relaxing. 

Skip the Fitness Tracker

Seriously, a fitness tracker does nothing for you if you are not actually making the effort to take all those steps and stairs. On top of that, this device will bug you with alerts and try to get your attention to remind you to move. You have enough stress already without some device telling you to move, and you are perfectly capable of taking your own pulse and heart rate. If you are wearing a classic, "old school" timepiece on your wrist, that is all you really need to see if you are getting your heart rate up high enough. It will also let you keep track of when you started your exercise and when you have finished the exercise, just by keeping an eye on the watch's face. Less digital, less stress, more focus on your own ability to keep track and plan ahead is worth spending the same amount of money on a watch and skipping the fitness tracker. 

Other Elegant Timepieces

Wear a locket with a watch inside it around your neck or a locket pin watch on your suit lapel. Invest in a very classy, Swiss movement pocket watch to tuck into your suit pocket, waistcoat, or vest. All of them help you keep track of time without extra noise and interruptions or monthly expenses.