3 Considerations to Make When Purchasing an Engagement Ring

8 January 2019
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As a man, one of the most important purchases you'll make is buying an engagement ring. It needs to be perfect to show just how much you love your significant other. Even if you don't know much about these rings, you can have success shopping for one by considering this guide. 

Carat Size 

One of the most important attributes to consider when purchasing an engagement ring is carat size. This will have a large impact on the price you ultimately pay. The bigger the carat size, the more expensive the engagement ring will cost.

In addition to thinking about your budget for this ring, you'll also want to consider your fiance's style. Does she like things that stand out or is she more reserved and thus wouldn't mind a smaller carat size? If you do end up getting a large carat size, you might want to insure the ring. This way, you don't have to pay a fortune to have the ring replaced should it get lost or stolen.

Band Material 

A huge determinant for what the engagement ring looks like is the material of its band. There are so many great options today, including gold, silver, and platinum. Gold is a great choice if you want something that looks traditional. Gold is synonymous with class and there are many styles of gold you can choose, such as rose gold and white gold.

Silver is a more affordable band material. It's also an extremely durable option that will hold up for a really long time. Even more durable is platinum. It does cost a premium, but engagement rings made out of platinum will not easily damage and will have a distinct luster.


As far as the condition of the engagement ring, you can purchase new or used. Getting a new ring is ideal if you have a larger budget and want something truly unique. You can customize every aspect of the new ring, from its carat size to band material.

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on an engagement ring, used rings may be better. You can easily find them at pawn shops, and a lot of times, they're just as beautiful. If you do decide to buy used, make sure the ring is authentic and matches your fiance's exact preferences. 

You'll never forget the day you give your significant other an engagement ring. It symbolizes love and commitment. To ensure this experience is exactly what you thought it would be, take your time choosing the perfect ring. This is possible when you pay attention to the right buying details.