Three Ways To Successfully Store Your Layered Pendant Necklace

13 January 2020
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Layering pendants can look stylishly stunning and sexy on your neck. And, if you choose the right types of pendants, you can use this piece of jewelry to tell your story. While you might enjoy wearing your layered pendant necklace as often as possible, it's not the type of necklace that you can wear around the clock. The series of chains that make up this necklace mean that you'll want to remove it before bed. Because of its complex design, you shouldn't store this necklace in a jewelry box because it may get tangled. Instead, consider the following storage methods.

On A Mannequin

Some women use mannequin torsos in their bedroom closets as a way to store clothing, accessories, and jewelry. If you already have a mannequin that you use for this purpose, it can be a perfect device for storing your layered pendant necklace. You can carefully drape the necklace over the mannequin, allowing its neck to hold the necklace in the proper position. The care that you take to store the necklace this way means that when you want to wear it, you can put it on quickly instead of trying to get the separate strands of chain untangled.

On A Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Given that there are lots of pieces of jewelry that are best to hang rather than place on a flat surface in your jewelry box, you can often find hanging jewelry organizers at your local general merchandise store. These units typically hang on the clothing rod in your closet and have a number of wooden, metal, or plastic "fingers" from which you can hang your jewelry. This device can be a good spot to store your layered pendant necklace to keep it from getting tangled up with itself and perhaps even with other pieces of jewelry.

On A Hook

You shouldn't be afraid of looking for a simple storage method for your layered pendant necklace and any other necklaces that you don't want to put in your jewelry box because of concerns over them tangling. There are plenty of simple, cost-effective options that you can install in mere minutes and without many tools. One option is to mount a hook on the inside of your closet or perhaps even on the inside of your bathroom medicine cabinet. You can then hang select pieces of jewelry from either hook to give you an effective, tangle-free storage method.