How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

11 May 2020
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If you are ready to get engaged, then you know that the ring is one of the most important parts of the proposal. However, finding the right ring can be a tedious task. To make the right choice, you will need a guide. Here is a look at all you need to know to choose the right ring.

Don't Make a Commitment

Don't make any commitment to the jeweler. You should always be able to return the ring if need be. This is because even though you are going to make every effort to make the right ring choice, there is still a chance that your fiancee will not like it. When this happens, you should always be free to choose something else.

It's Not All About the Price

You may have heard it said that a man should set aside two or three months' salary to spend on an engagement ring. This is a good rule of thumb, but how much you will actually spend is dependent on the woman. There are some women who actually prefer smaller rings, and some prefer plain bands. There are other women who prefer a vintage ring or a secondhand one. It is all about your fiancee's personal taste.

The Setting Is Important

Even after you have found the perfect diamond, the next thing you can need to consider is getting the right setting for the stone. The diamond should be thought of as the art and the rest of the ring as the frame. You can choose a "frame" that is plain or one that is sprinkled with other precious stones. Remember, too, that it can be made of gold, silver, or another metal.

Get a Customized Ring

You may want to get a customized ring instead of just walking into a jewelry store and getting one off the shelf. You can work with a jeweler to use the type of stone that you want. You can even get an inscription on the ring. What it comes down to is that you should know that your choices are not limited to diamonds and a gold band.

Choosing the right ring can at times be challenging. It is always best to make a note mentally or on paper of what you really want. That will make it easier for you to choose the right ring for your fiancee. Always remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to buying a ring; it's all about personal taste.

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