5 Reasons You May Not Want To Use Heirloom Wedding Rings

8 July 2021
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Are you considering using an heirloom wedding ring for your upcoming nuptials? Some couples like the romantic nature of reusing a beloved ring while others may find it more budget-friendly. But turning that family heirloom into a daily-use wedding ring may not be a good idea. Why? Here are five reasons new may be better than used. 

1. Older Rings May Not Survive

What shape is your heirloom ring in? Antique rings may have been in daily use during their earlier life throughout a long marriage. But expecting them to survive a whole new life being worn on a daily basis by you or your fiancé could be asking too much. Simple, sturdy wedding bands may survive, but many with delicate features will not. 

2. The Ring May Have Baggage

Using a family wedding ring is considered romantic if the prior association is with a happy, healthy marriage. But not all unions were so great, and your perception of family members could change at any time. If you associate your current relationship with a prior one, you run the risk that there is accidental baggage attached to your new marriage. A new ring has no baggage. 

3. Family May Not Agree With It

If you share the heirloom jewelry with any other family members — usually siblings — it could become a source of contention. Often, the first sibling to pop the question uses a family ring or wedding band. However, other siblings may be upset if they wanted to also use it or if it has high monetary value. Avoid all these issues by using a new ring and leaving heirlooms in family possession. 

4. Your Fiancé May Not Like It

Family heirlooms can be a wonderful touch in a relationship, but they may not be to the taste of the recipient. It's best to find out your fiancé's feelings about the vintage ring before you decide to propose with it. While some rings are timeless, many may have gone out of style or simply do not reflect the personality of your partner.

5. It May Not Be Replaceable

If you opt for a ring that has a unique place in your heart, consider whether its elements are replaceable. Older rings may need band repairs or gem replacements that aren't cost-effective. You may not even be able to find replacements for some elements that have gone out of fashion or are no longer in circulation. A professional jeweler can help you understand any such limitations. 

Clearly, the decision to use an existing wedding band may not be as simple as it seems. The best place to start is to consult with an experienced jewelry store in your area. They will work with you to assess your heirloom choice and understand the pros and cons of both it and brand new options. Visit a store like Meyers Jewelers today to get started.