3 Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

14 March 2019
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If you are getting ready to get on one knee and pop the question to the love of your life, you need to do a few things first: 1) ask for permission, 2) get an engagement ring. Unless you yourself are in the jewelry business, though, you may not know the first thing about what you should look for in a ring. Whether you are on a tight budget or you have a lot of money to spend, this article will go over three tips to use when you're buying an engagement ring. Read More 

3 Considerations to Make When Purchasing an Engagement Ring

8 January 2019
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As a man, one of the most important purchases you'll make is buying an engagement ring. It needs to be perfect to show just how much you love your significant other. Even if you don't know much about these rings, you can have success shopping for one by considering this guide.  Carat Size  One of the most important attributes to consider when purchasing an engagement ring is carat size. This will have a large impact on the price you ultimately pay. Read More